School Bus Safety Solutions

Innovation at the Core: Resolute Dynamics' Research and Development Expertise in Automotive Safety

School Bus Safety Solutions

Resolute Dynamics is dedicated in providing a comprehensive suite of safety solutions for school buses, combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to the well-being of young passengers. Our integrated approach creates a secure and reliable environment, offering peace of mind to parents, educators, and transportation professionals alike.

Speed Limiter for School Buses

Resolute Dynamics introduces a dedicated Speed Limiter solution tailored for school buses, prioritizing the safety of young passengers. Our Speed Limiter ensures that school buses adhere to designated speed limits, providing a secure and controlled environment during transit. With customizable settings and real-time monitoring, it promotes responsible driving and minimizes the risk of accidents.

GPS Tracking Devices for School Buses

Our GPS Tracking Devices for school buses offer real-time location tracking, enhancing safety and efficiency. Fleet managers and parents can monitor the school bus's precise location, ensuring timely arrivals and departures. Geofencing capabilities provide additional security, allowing alerts for unauthorized stops and deviations from planned routes.

Stop Arms for School Buses

Resolute Dynamics incorporates Stop Arms to enhance student safety during bus stops. These retractable stop signs extend when the bus comes to a halt, signalling to other drivers that students are boarding or disembarking. This visual cue helps prevent accidents and ensures a secure boarding and alighting process.

Reverse Camera for School Buses

Our Reverse Camera system provides a crucial safety feature for school buses. It offers clear visibility to drivers when manoeuvring in reverse, minimizing the risk of accidents, especially in busy school zones or tight spaces. The camera system enhances overall safety by eliminating blind spots.

Fire Suppression System for School Buses

Resolute Dynamics prioritizes the safety of passengers with a Fire Suppression System designed for school buses. This advanced system detects and suppresses potential fires, providing an additional layer of protection for students and drivers. Rapid response and automatic activation ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Child Alarm System for School Buses

Our in-house developed Child Alarm System is a technological innovation aimed at preventing the inadvertent leaving behind of students in School Buses. Integrated with a RFID student ID system, this solution ensures accurate tracking of student counts during embarkation and disembarkation. In the event of a mismatch, the system automatically opens the bus door, alerting the driver to recheck and ensuring no child is left unattended.