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Speed Limiter Certificate

A Speed Limiter Certificate serves as a crucial validation document confirming the installation of a Speed Limiter device in a vehicle. This certificate is mandatory for the annual vehicle inspection process in compliance with the regulations set forth by the UAE government.



The primary purpose of the Speed Limiter Certificate is to verify that a vehicle is equipped with a functional Speed Limiter, contributing to road safety and regulatory compliance.


Mandatory Requirement

Holding a valid Speed Limiter Certificate is a mandatory prerequisite during the yearly vehicle inspection. This emphasizes the commitment to adhering to safety standards and regulatory guidelines.


Renewal Processs

The Speed Limiter Certificate undergoes annual renewal. This process involves thorough verification by authorized fitment centers to ensure continued compliance with the stipulated guidelines.


Verification Criteria

Fitment centers, authorized by Resolute Dynamics, conduct comprehensive checks to validate the effectiveness of the Speed Limiter. This includes ensuring the device is in working order, has not been tampered with, and all connections are secure.


Compliance with Government Guidelines

The renewal process strictly follows the guidelines issued by the UAE government. This encompasses adherence to specific checklists, standards, and protocols for Speed Limiter installations.


Authorized Dealers

Resolute Dynamics provides Speed Limiter Certificates through its network of authorized dealers. These dealers are trained and certified to carry out installations and renewals in accordance with the established standards.