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Vehicle Speed Limiter/Speed Governor

Speed Limiter device installation involves setting up a cutting-edge solution that proactively restricts a vehicle's speed within pre-set limits, ensuring accident prevention and compliance with speed regulations. A Speed Limiter certificate is required for the annual vehicle inspection process, aligning with the regulations established by the governments.

FSL - Fuel Type Speed Limiter

A fuel type speed limiter is a sophisticated electronic device integrated into a vehicle's engine management system to control its speed by managing the flow of fuel to the engine. Unlike traditional mechanical speed limiters, which physically restrict the throttle or fuel delivery, this type of limiter operates by electronically modulating the fuel supply to maintain the vehicle's speed within preset limits.

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ESL - Electronic Type Speed Limiter

An electronic speed limiter is a device designed to restrict the maximum speed of a vehicle by electronically controlling its engine or fuel system. It's commonly used in automobiles, trucks, buses, and other types of vehicles to enforce speed limits, improve safety, and comply with regulations.

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Precision Control

Our Speed Limiter ensures precise control over the vehicle's speed, limiting it to a predetermined maximum. This feature is crucial for preventing accidents, especially in areas with specific speed regulations.

Compliance with Regulations

Our Speed Limiter product is designed to meet and exceed regulatory standards, ensuring that vehicles equipped with this technology comply with local and international speed regulations.


Resolute Dynamics Speed Limiter is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from commercial fleets to private cars, making it a versatile solution for promoting safety across diverse transportation sectors.


Built on a foundation of precision engineering and advanced technology, our Speed Limiter is a reliable and robust solution that prioritizes safety without compromising the vehicle's performance.